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I am not a smart man. But you do not need to be smart in order to write software. In fact, I have found that, more than anything else, curiosity is the engine of productivity in software engineering. It can be easy to get discouraged if you are not careful though. The sheer volume of things to learn in software engineering can be overwhelming to the point of paralysis. Sometimes I find it helpful to remind myself of something I used to say when studying mathematics:

Mathematics is not about understanding more. It is about misunderstanding less.

I like to think that this applies to software engineering as well. Don't try to learn everything. You can't. It's a fool's errand. But, day by day, you should hopefully be able to point to something you misunderstand just a little bit less. I have worked hard to break into the software industry, something I have now been doing professionally for a couple of years, but I have much more "breaking" and "misunderstanding less" to do. This site represents portions of my journey. Feel free to point out whatever mistakes I make. Hopefully we can both learn from them. Here's to misunderstanding everything just a little bit less.

Noteworthy Resources

This site consists primarily of documentation pages (i.e., the "Handbook"), but a blog is also actively maintained. Noteworthy posts from both categories may be found below as well as links to other noteworthy external resources that I maintain (but are not technically part of this handbook).